Craft Goals

These are the craft goals that I would like to complete. 

Cross stitch goals
  1. Complete Chesterton (1/3) started  
  2. Complete Butterflie Galore HAED SK (0/3)
  3. Complete Terra HAED freebie SAL (3/6)
  4. Complete Rainbow Butterfly HAED QS (0/9)
  5. Complete Little Meg HAED QS (6/12)
  6. Complete Little Bud HAED QS (0/12)
  7. Complete Ruby christmas stocking HAED (0/15) started
  8. Complete little bee eater (0/ )
  9. Comlete HAED BAP Land of Enchantment (0/18)
  10. Complete Sunflower HAED QS (0/20)
  11. Complete Wizard of Oz HAED BAP (0/20)
  12. Complete Noah's Ark HAED (2/24)
  13. Complete Snow white HAED BAP (0/28)
  14. Complete Believe HAED BAP (0/30)
  15. Complete Faery Bride HAED BAP (1/30)
  16. Complete Fireside Fairy Tales HAED BAP (0/36)
  17. Complete Faery Tales HAED BAP (0/40)
  18. Complete Jessica's christmas stocking started
  19. Buy and complete an esher - Waterfall, bought for me by my wonderful sister (0/36)
  20. Complete Mackintosh cushion cover started
  21. Scarlet Ribands - Long dog sampler
  22. HAED PAB At First Sight
Knitting Goals
  1. Complete knitted noah's ark (0/37) started
  2. Complete knitted circus mice (2/12) Ringmaster, Jolly Clown, Winsome Clown, Plate Spinner, Bee Trainer, Boy Juggler, Girl Juggler, Performing Ladybirds, Trapeze Artists (2), Strong Man, Escapologist.
  3. Complete knitted father and mother christmas for Nicola
  4. Complete knitted father and mother christmas for us
  5. Make Nicola "Plum pudding pixie" (knit/sew)
  6. Finish knitted monkey for becky's baby (knit/sew)
  7. Finish cowboy for Becky's son (knit / sew)
  8. Make one of Alan Dart's dogs - not sure which one yet (buy/knit/sew)
  9. Make one of Alan Dart's Dinosaurs (buy/knit/sew)
  10. Make Humpty Dumpty (knit/sew)
  11. Make Alan Dart's March Hare 
  12. Find patterns for and make strawberry, apple, orange and pear and plum (just need stitching up)
  13. Finish easter chicks (just need stitching up
  14. Knit caterpiller started, two easter chicks started, elephant started for order
  15. Knit Alan Dart's Chess set (8 white pawns, 8 black pawns, 2 white rooks, 2 black rooks, 2 white knights, 2 black knights, 2 white bishops, 2 black bishops, 1 white king, 1 black king, 1 white queen, 1 black queen)
  16. Make Alan Dart's Nativity (Mary, Jesus, Joseph, Shepherd, Shepherd, Wise man, Wise man, Wise man, donkey, Sheep, Sheep, Stable) Started
  17. Make Alan Dart's Doctor and nurse started
  18. Alice in wonderland characters Alice, Mad Hatter, Door Mouse, Caterpillar, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat

Other craft goals
  1. Complete advent calendar started
  2. Complete lighthouse started