Saturday, 12 March 2011

Alan Dart's Pudding Pixie

This is "Plum Pudding Pixie" knitted from Alan Dart's pattern from Simply Knitting magazine.  I altered the colours as I just used wool from my stash and I didn't knit the sixpence.  But I am so very proud of him!  He's now packed away in the loft awaiting next christmas - could really do with getting some more christmas things ready to keep him company!

I've recently knitted over 40 fairy mice (with a lot of knitting help from my fab mum) again an Alan Dart pattern which I have sold to help a collegue raise money for NDCS.  We raised over £60 selling those so I'm very pleased with that, and also still have about 6 left so they will go nicely on our christmas tree!

This is the first blog I've ever written so if your reading this, firstly thanks for reading, and secondly please bear with me while I find my blogging feet!  Also feel free to leave comments - always happy to read!


  1. I just love this cheeky little chap - I hope when you get a few spare minutes you can make another one for me xx

  2. How can I refuse! Might not be this year though - but another goal I can put on my 210 in 2010 - thanks : )

  3. I can't knit as I think I was born with 2 left hands & I normally don't care much for knitting crafts but this guy is outrageously cute! You do such awesome work. Love it!


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