Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mackintosh Rose Design Cushion Cover

Not had much chance for stitching this week as I have my ACC exam at the end of March so I've been trying to revise and when I've finished revising my eyes are too tired to be able to stitch HAED so I started a new project on 18 count to give my eyes a bit of a rest.   I have already made a mistake but have corrected it by altering my other stitching, I could not be bothered unpicking it!  Ignore the red lines, they were for another project which I abandoned for the cushion cover!

I've also treated my self to Alan Dart's Knitted Cowboy pattern which I'm knitting for a collegue's son.  I've made a monkey (which I haven't finished just yet)  for her new baby and couldn't leave her son out could I!  I really need to motivate myself to get a project finished instead of starting any more new ones. 
So this week my challenge is to complete the easter chickens and the monkey for Becky's baby.  Not a very large challenge but I do still have to get lots and lots of revision done!  Hopefully I'll have some challenge complete soon!


  1. Love the start of this one xx

  2. Thanks Nicola, thought you might! x


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