Saturday, 19 March 2011

First challenge for the week complete

Well, I only set my self these challenges this morning, and have already completed one!  Just goes to show what I can achieve when I put my mind to it! 
I had already knitted the whole thing and I'd assembled the body and head previously, so tonight I finished sewing up the whole monkey.  I'm very pleased with him, I just hope Becky likes it!   So the rest of this weeks craft time will be taken up by finishing the easter chicks.


  1. Hi, Nic said to leave a comment - nice banana! Love the monkey too.

  2. Hi Jo - thanks for coming to see my blog - I'm very new to this! The monkey also loves the banana!

  3. Hi Lou. :) Found you via Nic's blog. Cute monkey!!! Love the entire thing and Becky better like it! LOL.

  4. Thanks Joysze! And thanks for coming to look at my blog : )

  5. Wow, I love yout monkey!! You knit fabulously!!! All I can knit is a scarf! And I'm luckey if that comes out straight!!!


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