Friday, 22 April 2011

Holiday, knitting and stitching

It seems like such a long time since I've written, doesn't time fly!  We've had a little break away in Wales which was lovely!  I had challenged myself to knit the side of Alan Dart's Noah's ark as I had already done one side and it took me so long that I didn't want to start the next side - however after discovering that I could knit in the car, not only did the journey go quicked than usual, but I got the side I wanted to finish done and some other sections of the ark (not all in the car).
My cousin had asked me to knit some animals for her for some story sacks she uses with the children she childminds so I have started another chick in an egg for her.  She also wants an elephant and a caterpiller.  I found a pattern for caterpiller which uses double pointed needles, I found this technique of knitting really difficult so think I need a master class from my mum on how to use them (hopefully some time this weekend)
I also started knitting Alan Dart's March Hare and have added his pattern for chess pieces onto my todo list.  Why are there not more hours in the day!
My headache hasn't been as bad this week either so I have managed to make some progress on Chesterton.
I'm really pleased with this, and glad I seem to have my stitching bug back! 
Hopefully I'll get his head finished this week, as well as soom of the knitting I've got on the go.


  1. Chesterton is looking amazing - can't wait to see it in person :-)

  2. Lucky you!! I get sick when I do stuff in the car... on the plane... on a train... LOL!

    Loving Chesterton's progress.... so happy your found your stitching bug!

  3. I can stitch on a train or a plane but not in the car! I commuted for 17 years so got loads of stitching done. It's a great way to get chatting too. Apart from the people who ask "is that crochet?"

  4. That's a good progress on Chesterton. Well, speaking of headaches, I find that after a few hours working on a HAED, usually I got a headache! :( I don't know whether we have a same headache, but maybe I should learn more to overcome those confetti minefields on HAED works. :)


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