Monday, 2 May 2011

Chesterton Progress, Little Meg and Caterpillers

I've finished page 1 on Chesterton, one of the freebie SK given for participating in the freebie SK SAL.  I'm not a fan of cats, as I'm allergic, but a very good friend at work likes cats so I decided to stitch her this for her birthday, which was in March, so I'm a bit late!!  I've told her I'm making something for her but she doesn't know what yet!  I need to decide what I'm going to make it into once finished - Any suggestions??  Anyway here is my progress........

Every time I stitch a HAED I'm amazed at how the detail is kept within the stitching!  And I simply LOVE the eyes!  Maybe I'll be converted into a cat lover (pictures only) by the end of this stitching!! 

On completing Page 1 of Chesteron, I decided I'd have a change and was itching to get back to my HAED Noah's Ark by Barbara Brown' (which i've completed almost 3 pages now) But asked my 5 year old what I should work on next, and she chose Little Meg by Linda Ravenscroft'  Which I am stitching for her, so no surprises really that she chose that.  Here is my progress so far.......

And I must say that I'm glad she chose her as I'm really enjoying stitching her again.  I love that I have so many projects on the go as it gives such variety, I just wish I could visulise finishing them all, as some are so large and I have charts in my stash which I'm itching to start!  Determined not to start any more until I have a finish!  Will update my progress with Little Meg next week (that is if the dreaded headaches stay away and let me stitch to my heart's content!)
I've also been busy knitting for my first order.  I was asked whether I could make a caterpiller like 'The very hungry caterpiller' the children's story - well I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, and after finding a free pattern on the web, learning to knit with double pointed needles (with lots of thanks to my mum for teaching me) and figuring out how to crochet eyes, antanea and legs, then making 3 (as the first one didn't turn out quite right) here are the finished products (and I must say I'm very proud of them!)

As always many thanks for stopping by!


  1. Chesterton looks amazing! Everything else does as well but I've seen them in person :-) Like you say it's just amazing what Michele can do with a chart x

  2. Thanks Nic, indeed Michele is amazing! x

  3. I'm allergic to cats too.... and I mean full blown allergies. :S

    That said, Chesterton looks sooooo good!!! What a great gift for you friend. Since it's so slim, how about making a bookmark out of it?

    Little Meg looks great, and I LOVE your caterpillars. They're so cheery!! :D

  4. You done lots of great works here! I love your update on Chesterton, he's so cute! And your Little Meg is awesome! You're very close to the finish line..!

    About the caterpillars, I thought it's a kind of knitting (small) doll that could be used on fingers -like using timble- to tell story (because you mentioned about children story). But oh, they are actually cheerful dolls!

  5. Thanks for your comments - Joyce, Chesterton is designed as a storeykeep, so I guess a bookmark, although they'd have to be for a pretty huge book! However I'd hate to frame it to find out that she never put it up - so I think I will try and make a bookmark out of it....when I eventually finish it!
    I gave one of the caterpillers to one of the intended recipients today and she loved it - its actually for her mum, but have to wait to hear feed back from her. Very pleased that you like them and Little Meg :)


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