Monday, 23 May 2011

Little Meg - Page 6 complete!

I have found it a real struggle getting pages 5 and 6 finished on Little Meg.  I finished page 4 in August last year, so maybe its because I haven't worked on her for such a long time.  One of my HAED 12 month goals was to finish this one, so hopefully I'll make it - only 2 full pages and 4 part pages to get her finshed, and I know my daughter would love it if I could get her finished for her for christmas!  Little Meg is a HAED QS and is by an artist called Linda Ravenscroft - I love her work!
And carrying on the christmas theme, I managed to get Alan Dart's Father Christmas knitted and made up ready for my sister's birthday present which I gave her yesterday although her birthday is today "Happy Birthday Nicola xxxx"  I know its a bit random to give her a knitted Father Christmas for her birthday in May - but hey - I'm sure it was a surprise.

Still been having the dreaded migraines but rested lots and manged to get back to work, so therefore able to get some craft time for me!
Thanks for looking!
Happy crafting


  1. Wow! You've made a lot of progress on Little Meg. Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get her finished before Christmas :) Cute Santa. I'm sure you're sister loved it.

  2. Oh, great job on Little Meg. You're soooo going to finish her by Christmas. :D

    Father Christmas is darling!!! :D I'm sure Nic loves him. :D

  3. Hope the migraines get better soon! They are a PITA. Your stitching looks great! I'm sure you can finish by christmas for your daughter!


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