Wednesday, 29 June 2011

March Hare

I seem to have lost my stitching bug and haven't done any stitching for ages now, hence why no blog update. 
I been doing some knitting though and managed to get a finish (as well as about 15 new starts - really must start finishing things before I start new projects!)

And here he is......Alan Dart's March Hare
 This is the rear view - I just love his tail!
A friend gave me the magazine as she knew I loved these patterns so I promised that I'd make him for her.  Anyway, she's been off sick from work so I decided that I should get him finished and sent to her to cheer her up - well I think it worked as she loved him! 
His head isn't quite right on this photo as I hadn't stuffed his neck enough, but I re-stuffed it before giving him away and he looked super! 

I really want to find my stiching bug and some energy too as I seem to be so tired all the time just now. 
I have started Ice Wind the latest HAED SAL, but not enough progress to share, and I think the next page of Terra will be out soon so I could do with getting on with them. 

Oh and before I go - I have a little more news.......I passed my ACC exam which I was studying for leading up to March.  I am so happy to have passed it!  So all that hard work paid off, and it also means a little more money in my wages!  Woo Hoo!! 
anyway, thats all for now,
Happy crafting everyone!


  1. As gorgeous in photos as in person and once again huge huge congratulations xxxx

  2. Congrats on passing your exams, Lou. :D

    The hare is adorable!!

  3. Very cute and what a great friend!

  4. OH he's adorable! I love bunnies. So nice of you to cheer up your friend.

  5. I've awarded you a Liebster Award


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